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About Us



Yellowstone Aikikai is located in Billings Montana and is the area’s only dedicated Aikido school.  The dojo was established in 2007 by Sensei Scott Brady and Curt Thompson.  Brady Sensei (3rd dan) is the dojo’s Head Instructor.

The dojo provides a supportive and friendly environment for Students to train. Yellowstone Aikikai is affiliated with Aikido Schools of Usehiba, under the direction of Shihan Mitsugi Saotome and is officially recognized by International Aikikai.   Saotome Sensei is a renowned instructor of Aikido and has the distinction of being the longest tenured student (15 years) of the Founder (Morihei Usehiba).

Sensei Brady began his training with Greg Olson Shihan (6th dan) in 1990 and continues through present day. His Aikido background provides students with a direct line of transmission from the Founder – O’Sensei.


In addition, Sensei Brady has studied various martial arts including Shorin Ryu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jiujitsu, Laido, Kali/Escrima and most recently Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo. He is U.S. veteran having served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and is a level II certified Army Combative Instructor.

General classes are held at our dedicated training space inside the Asylum Gym.

To enroll in our regular training